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Position Open for Full Time Employment

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Message from the Head Argonaut, Jason

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Argo Performance, Ltd. is an elite Building Commissioning Firm based in San Diego, CA, and we are seeking ambitious individuals to join us. The candidate will integrate their personalities and strengths with a unique group of people. All of whom share the same values and vision: "Foster a free-thinking culture of employee empowerment that enables them to provide our clients with uncompromising service and ingenious solutions." Opportunities with our firm are endless, for the firm is growing and evolving. We place high values on individual growth, client-employee satisfaction, giving back to society, work-life integration, developing relationships, and igniting passion.


What is Building Commissioning?

Never heard of Building Commissioning, please don't worry; we will teach you! Building Commissioning is the process that assures that a building's mechanical, energy, plumbing, and electrical systems correctly. A Commissioning Professional performs tasks such as design review, conducts construction inspections, performs tests on equipment and systems, and analyze performance data. The work is a nice balance of "hands-on work" fieldwork and analytical "desk work." Expect to work in an office and on project sites.

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What Gets Commissioned?

The Applicants Will Commission The Following Equipment And Systems:

1.    Computerized Building Automation Systems

2.    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

3.    Electrical Distribution

4.    Net Zero and Carbon Neutral Buildings 

5.    Lighting and Lighting Control Systems

6.    Solar and Wind-Powered Renewable Energy Generation

7.    Domestic and Industrial Plumbing

8.    Steam Boilers

9.    Process Controls

10.  Medical and Lab Gases Distribution

11.  Waste Neuralization

12.  Emergency Power Generation

13.  Water Treatment

14.  Energy Storage and Batteries

15.  Security and Access Control Systems

16.  Fire and Life Safety Systems

17.  Intelligent Cameras and CCTV

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What Do We Need?

Applicants must have the following traits and attributes

  1. Ambition

  2. Eagerness to grow

  3. Applied technical aptitude

  4. Skills to work mobile and unsupervised

  5. Be well organized

  6. Enjoy troubleshooting and providing solutions

  7. Desire to perform job assignments that involves a combination of office and fieldwork

  8. Willingness to operate safely on construction sites and around electricity, machinery, and heights

  9. Valid driver's licenses and transportation

  10. Able to climb ladders, work on roofs, ability to lift 50 pounds, be outdoors, and operate confined spaces

  11. Have computer skills and able to use productivity, internet, and collaboration software.

  12. Communication skills to interact with architects, project managers, engineers, and contractors.

  13. Most of all, the aspiration to do something unique and special!


What Qualifies an Applicant?

Applicants must be one of the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree in a scientific, engineering, business, IT, or technical major

  2. Military Training or MOS in a technical discipline

  3. Associates degree in a scientific, trade, construction, technology, engineering, or other technical subjects 

  4. Apprenticeship or Trade School in a mechanical, electrical, or plumbing trade

  5. Three years of work experience in a technical industry, HVAC/R service, building maintenance, construction trade, or a technical business

  6. We are open to hiring applicants with technical backgrounds that desire a change of industry.

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What Argo Performance Offers?

Argo Performance, Ltd. believes that the company must work for its employees, and the byproduct is the employees will work for our clients. To achieve this philosophy, we do the following things. Pay a competitive salary, including performance-based advancement and bonus opportunities. Provide a 401k Savings Plan with matching. Offer a suite of insurances, including health, prescription, vision, and dental. Give a generous amount of vacation-personal time off and paid holidays. Argo Performance offers its employees educational and personal development opportunities. 

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            Argo Performance, Ltd.

            12636 High Bluff Drive

            Suite 400

            San Diego, CA 92130, USA

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