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Independent Third Party Certified Commissioning Firm Certified by the BCxA and ACG
State of California Certified Minority Small Business Enterprise (MBE) and (SBE)
Registered Professional Engineers and Licensed Contractors


What is the Argo commissioned to do....


"Smart People Creating Smart Buildings"

Argo Performance is a commissioning and smart building consulting firm with the capability of providing incomparable professional services to sophisticated clients. We base our business philosophy on a strong company culture of employee satisfaction, inter-team collaboration, attention to detail, good documentation practices, exceptional problem solving, and most of all passion for what we do. Our employees bring along unique creativity and unparalleled expertise to bring the most cutting-edge, energy efficient, smart buildings to life.


A Little Bit of Greek Philosophy...


Foster a free-thinking culture of employee empowerment that enables them to provide our clients with uncompromising service and ingenious solutions.

Our Values

  • Promote work-life integration

  • Approach challenges from the perspective of others

  • Provide prompt, effective communication

  • Share our knowledge and mentor others

  • Constantly strive for improvement

  • Develop longstanding relationships

  • Be trustworthy 

  • Pursue opportunities that ignite our passion

  • Embrace change

  • Always move forward

Our Goal

Earn the reputation of providing extraordinary service and astonishing expertise.



Skills of the Argonauts...

  • Third-Party Whole Building Commissioning 

  • Energy Analytics and Modeling

  • Cyber Security

  • LEED & Green Globes Energy and Atmosphere Credits

  • Title 24 / CalGreen Acceptance Testing and Peer Review

  • Retrocommissioning

  • Dashboards, Benchmarking, & Persistence Tracking

  • Building Automation Design Consulting

  • Smart Building Master Planning

  • cGMP: Integrated commissioning with qualifications/validation.

  • Metering and Submetering Design

  • Measurement & Verification

  • Energy Audits - Water Balance

  • System Integrations & Network Topology Development

  • Plant Optimization

  • Control Network and Open Protocol Infrastructure Security

  • Controls Systems Sequence of Operations Writing

  • Operator Training

  • SOP and O&M writing

  • Documentation Management

  • Construction Quality Management (CQM)

  • Design Quality Management (DQM)



What the Argonauts Do....

Argo Performance, Ltd. is a qualified third-party commissioning and smart building consulting firm with expertise in MEP, cGMP, Sustainable Buildings, and Renewable Energy. Our team of dedicated professionals provides services for most types of non-residential buildings, especially those that have sophisticated operational and sustainability requirements: life sciences, healthcare, co-generation, R&D, data centers, manufacturing, Class “A” office, institutional campuses, utility plants, military installations, and industrial. We differ from other firms by implementing collaborative, approach in incorporating our services with the owner, management, A/E, and contracting teams. Argo Performance strives to achieve the team's common goal of delivering a high-performance project while maintaining the schedule and not exceeding budget. Argo Performance provides service with passion, innovation, and above all first-class customer service.


Building Commissioning

Argo Performance believes that when a project is successfully commissioned, everyone who participated in the project has benefited from our services. Even though the commissioning authority represents the owner’s interest, we believe that the best way to archive this is to become an integral part of both the design and construction teams. Argo Performance will fully participate in the project by proactively identifying issues, facilitating solutions, develop resolutions, help maintain the schedule, and support the turnover process. We define a successful project as one that is completed on time, budget, with reduced warranties, well documented, and performs as designed.
Our goal is to provide this “win-win” service without compromising the process of commissioning. Our commissioning philosophy goes beyond a checklist. Our team is constructed to approach commissioning from unique vantage points learned from our various industry-related backgrounds, one as a facility project manager, one as a professional mechanical engineer, and one as an HVAC / Controls contractor. Our team collaborates, drawing from their various backgrounds, and formulates a unique commissioning philosophy with experiences and perspective that leads to a project that designed appropriately, installed correctly, operates efficiently, documented accurately, and turned over smoothly.

Building Automation & Control Systems Consulting

Most modern building automation and control systems fail to live up to the expectations of a 21st-century smart building. The reality is that most control systems employ 20th-century control algorithms that were left over from the pneumatic control days, displays information in a non-user friendly method, and stores information using old, clunky databases.  Surprisingly, this is not the fault of the manufacturers, software developers, system integrators, control contractors, A/E designers or even value engineering.  This situation is due to a lack of planning and having a clear understanding owner’s objectives, as well as of knowing how to apply the available technology to achieve success, and effectively communicating these ideas to the design and contracting teams. 

Our experience and proven success in this area of service set Argo Performance completely apart from other firms.  We know how to apply the available technology and create an efficient working modern smart building.  With over 30 years of building control system design, commissioning experience, Argo Performance can effectively communicate ideas to design and contracting teams.  Argo Performance will bring key strengths that will help make a successful project a reality.

Project Engineering and Construction Quality Management

During your project, there will be several phases that involve the direct guidance and supervision of our project engineering professionals.  We will eliminate the need for multiple points of contact throughout the process by handling all the technology selection, design review, vendor award, procurement, scheduling, quality assurance, coordination, logistics, acceptance, and close out of the project, ensuring that is installed and operating as intended within the designated time frame and on budget. Our project engineers have experience handling these responsibilities for many types of projects: control systems, system integration, commissioning, HVAC,  plumbing, electrical, and processes.  No matter what the project requires, our team of experienced project engineers will ensure that your budget requirements scheduled deadlines, and the project goals are achieved.


Where do the Argonauts Go?

Argo Performance, Ltd. is based in San Diego, California. We provide services throughout the Southern California region. This includes the counties of Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles Santa Barbara, Kern, Ventura, San Bernardo, and Imperial. 



Story of the Argo...


Jason Commissions the Argo...


Commissioning originated in the shipbuilding industry. It was the process of placing a ship in active service. During commissioning, the ship is tested for seaworthiness, safety, function, speed, and endurance. It is an acceptance process. Once the ship been accepted, it is deemed commissioned for active duty, and ceremonies involved are often rooted in centuries-old naval traditions.
When naming our firm, we thought no better than to start our firm’s name with a name a famous ship. We thought that it would be appropriate to use the name ARGO from the Greek epic Jason and the Argonauts, for one of the founders of Argo Performance has the first name of Jason. 
Our logo is based on a variation of the star formation Vela. It was originally part of a larger constellation, which was later divided into three sections, the others being Carina (The Keel), Puppis (The Stern), and Pyxis (The Compass), once formed part of a huge group of stars in the southern skies known as Argos Navis.



Commissioning the Act of Placing a Ship in Active Service....

One of the few sports, where engineers and constructors go head-to-head, is in the world of yacht racing. It is a sport where the team that can construct a better boat can give the sailors the edge to victory.  In developing a racing boat, there are three major groups of people: the naval architects, the shipwrights, and the commissioning crew. The naval architects devise the plan to make the boat. They figure out the sail's dynamics, develop the hulls, and create an ultra-efficient, high-performance integrated machine. The shipwrights assemble the boat, paying attention to the smallest details and tolerances, assembling the machine, tuning for ultra-performance. Finally, the commissioning crew takes the boat on its maiden voyage to test the boat, pushing its limits, finding it faults, seeking ways to make it perform better, relaying the information back to the architects and shipwrights, and creating the ultimate performance machine that is ready for race day.

This analogy holds true for building construction.  The Architects and Engineers are the building’s designers, they plan for every detail for making the building highly functional, while not sacrificing its aesthetics. The contractors are the shipwrights. They put the building together, working through the though the design, assembling the pieces with precision and craftsmanship. Finally, the commissioning agent takes the building for its first drive, much like a commissioning crew takes a ship on its maiden voyage.  The commissioning agent tests the building, verifying that it can perform, they provide valuable feedback to the A/E and construction teams so they can fine-tune the system. Also, they make sure that the building operating staff are fully equipped with the proper training and documentation so that the staff will be successful running a high-performing, smart building.



Victories of the Argonauts...


Gilead Sciences, Inc.

B800 Reef TI GMP Plant, Oceanside, CA

Commissioning authority for Gilead’s Building 800 project which consists of 263,169 sqft pharmaceutical building with GMP space, as well as R&D labs and office spaces.  The facility is supplied by a new central utility plant comprised of two chillers with variable speed primary-variable pumping, two heating hot water boilers, and two steam boilers. Additional utilities include N2, LN2, CO2, O2, clean steam, clean compressed air, RO/DI, vacuum, WFI, and lab waste neutralization. There are 13 environmental rooms. Several pieces of air handling equipment and exhaust fans provide ventilation to a series of terminal boxes and air valves. Also, several fan coil units also provide conditioning.   Power is supplied by city-power, UPS, and generator-power connected system. Illumination by ultra-efficient LED luminaires and lighting controls. Validation 
 Incorporated Argo's commissioning documents in their protocol The project was a fast track project, being designed and built in 11 months. SDG&E Savings by Design M&V.  LEED Gold Certification Project.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Life Science Research and Development Spectrum 4, San Diego, CA

Commissioning authority for the new 155,000 square foot, 5 level building that constructed for Vertex Pharmaceuticals in 2016-17. The building will serve as a research and development facility and supported by a new central utility plant with chillers, boilers, CDA, RO/DI, vacuum, and steam. Additional systems include N2, LN2, CO2, bulk gas, Solvent Delivery, fume hood, O2 and lab waste neutralization.  Systems include BMS, HVAC, Phoenix lab controls, Lab utilities, emergency power, waste recovery. Responsible for design review, functional testing, TAB verification, control system operations, and M&V.  LEED Gold Certification Project.

VA Hospital Medical Center

Research Lab Renovation, San Diego, CA

Argo Performance served as the principal commissioning authority for the renovation the 6th floor of the VA Medical Center in La Jolla.  Responsible for leading the commissioning team, planning and coordinating all commissioning activities in conjunction with the design team, government, construction manager, subcontractors and equipment manufacturers. Commissioning was conducted inline with the VA Building Commissioning Guidelines. We were taked to commission several MEP systems: HVAC, Lighting Controls, Fume hoods, isolation rooms, pressure control & monitoring, and central RODI water generation system.

Irvine Company Symphony Towers 750 B. Street

Central Plant Optimization San Diego, CA

San Diego's 2nd largest tower, owned and operated by the Irvine Company Office Properties, consisting of mixed-use space: offices, concert hall, restaurants, retail, conference center, and hotel. Commissioned and optimized a central plant upgrade that replaced two 550 centrifugal chillers with two new 700-ton magnetic bearing chillers and an all variable speed pumping system. Provided sequence of operations and programming support to create a plant that operates between 0.3 to 0.5 kW/Ton.

Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado

P-966 Special Warfare Group #1 (NSWG-1)- Training and Operations Facility

Provided design and construction phase commissioning to support a design-build construction project consisting of two buildings. The project included designing and constructing a 95,000 sq ft Operations Center and a 25,000 sq ft Combat Training Pool. These facilities will support a variety of functions for the U.S. Navy Special Operations Forces, which includes equipment evaluation center, combat scenario obstacle course, training, and gear preparation centers for the.  Commissioning was performed in accordance to UFGS 01.91 00.45 mandated Total Building Commissioning. Commissioned systems included building envelope, HVAC, plumbing, electrical distribution, compressed air generation, lighting and controls, utility metering, AWEMS energy management systems, Anti-Terrorist/ Force Protection system, and pool filtering and conditioning equipment. Green Globes sustainability certification is targeted for an award.

Naval Base San Diego

P-110 Littoral Combat Ship Readiness Facility

Commissioning authority for the renovation of a building that was converted to support of the Littoral Combat Ship. The ship is an entirely new class of surface combatant ships. The project included several unique pieces of equipment and systems: Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) and
Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol (NIPRNET). Information system, , security and fire alarm systems, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP), high-pressure air compressed air MP storage cages, interior cranes. Commissioning conformed to UFGS and UFC specifications for Total Building Commissioning.

Dexcom, Inc.

Medical Device Manufacturing Controlled Environment Rooms

Supported the design-build construction, commissioning, and qualifications for two GMP suites one in San Diego, CA and Mesa, AZ. Argo Performance provided commissioning and construction quality management services for the general contractor Skanska USA Building, as well as operational readiness scheduling directly for Dexcom, Inc. Duties included: writing the User Requirement Specifications (URS), compiling the validated turnover package (eTOP),  quality inspections, monitored testing and certified cleaning, FAT/SAT for USP water systems, P&ID verifications, performing functional testing, and facilities shakedown. Dexcom's QA/QC incorporated Argo's commissioning documents to develop validation OQ, PQ, and IOQ protocols. The facilities include controlled environment room with sensitive temperature, humidity, & pressure control, ISO classified areas, and validated systems.

Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NALF), San Clemente Island

Wind Turbines Generation SCADA System Commissioning

Provided third party witnessing and commissioning services for the modernization of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. This system supervised the power generation and engine monitoring of 675 kilowatts (kW) wind turbines. Fifteen percent of the Island power is produced from these turbines, decreasing the Island diesel fuel use by 141,757 gallons. The SCADA system ensures that the wind turbines operate properly and monitors the carbon offset of 18,000 pounds of CO2. Also, the SCADA system supports the islands Micro Grid electrical systems, which interconnects the various power generation: solar, wind, and diesel generation, using Smart Grid Technologies.

General Atomics

GA-ASI Aeronautical Systems Research & Development and Manufacturing Lines

GA is leading manufacturer of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems. It also manufactures a variety of state-of-the-art digital Ground Control Stations (GCS) and provides pilot training and support services for RPA field operations. Argo Performance provided commissioning services for several of their assembly line, research and development, and manufacturing facilities. Commissioned both facility and process systems including HVAC, critical electrical power distribution, backup generation connections, process cooling, compressed air, central vacuum, environmental rooms, lighting, and pure water systems.

University of California, San Diego

UCSD Division of Biological Sciences Bonner Hall Insectary

This project consists of the interior tenant improvement construction on the first level of Bonner Hall Lab Building. The Insectary lab was constructed for the UCSD Division Biological Sciences to support their research of mosquitos and malaria. The project consisted of construction a Mosquito Insectary Lab consisting of two insect rearing rooms, larval rearing room, gas tank storage room, an accessed controlled airlock entry/vestibule, and one microscopy lab workroom. These rooms have very precise requirements for controlling humidity, temperature, air flow direction / pressurization, security, and day/night light cycles.



The Argonauts...

Jason McGehee, CxA, CEM, LEED AP

Managing Principal, Commissioning Authority, Leader of the Argonauts

Jason a graduate of the Univ. of Maryland and UA Trades Professional School, as well as has over 28 years in the San Diego construction community. His experience is highly concentrated in HVAC, building automation systems, advanced lighting, and smart building technologies. His responsibilities ranged from the installation, start up, TAB, commissioning, design, programming, service, and project management of many different types of mechanical and control systems.
He has experience as a contractor and a commissioning agent, giving him a unique prospective about the commissioning process. Jason understands both the time and technical challenges that A/E and construction teams need to achieve. He proactively leads the commissioning process using a hands-on approach to testing and problem solving. Jason McGehee is an integral part of the project team and uses a team building approach to ensure the project’s success.

Yanaris Nieves, MSEng, BCxP, BECxP, CxA+BE

Principal, Process Manager, Navigator of the Argo

Yanaris is an ASHRAE certified Building Commissioning Professional, as well as a University of Wisconsin Certified Building Envelope Commissioning Process Provider.  She has over 15 years of experience in engineering management services.  She has earned a Masters of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont and Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Related commissioning experience include: HVAC System Design, Building Control Systems, Pharmaceutical Commissioning, Qualification and Validation, Fire Protection Systems, Engineering Management, Project Management, Commissioning, and Engineering Release & Change Management.

Prior to joining Argo Performance managed $20 million global program account of integrated fire systems projects for gas turbine application in the US and Internationally.  Managed program from system design, manufacturing, integration, testing, and commissioning via requirements-based execution, project management and engineering change management. 



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Office Phone: (760) 607-3500

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